Raptor Domain FAQ

Common Questions

When are we open:

We are open every day except Christmas day and some catastrophic fire days.

Our gates open at 11.00am or 10.30am during South Australian school holidays.

Do I need to pre-book my tickets?

No need to pre-book tickets. You can get your tickets on arrival. The only pre-bookings that are essential are our private sessions.

It is rare that we sell out the seats for the bird presentation but during school holidays it is a possibility.

During busy times we recommend planning to attend the 2.30pm bird presentations. This is our quieter session!

If you wish to pre-book daily show tickets we can do this over the phone to reserve your spots. Full payment is required and cancellation policy applies.

How long before the shows should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 15-20 minutes prior to the session time to guarantee your spots.

Can I still join the shows if I arrive late?

Yes! Once you have your tickets we will endeavor to get you to the presentation as soon as possible.

Will the shows still run if it is raining or extreme heat?

Rain: When it is lightly raining we aim to continue our presentations outside for the best possible experience. We recommend bringing wet weather gear during potential rain days. If it is raining heavily presenters will bring the presentation indoors. There is less seating available indoors so it is best to arrive early on rain days to ensure your spot.

Heat: During days of extreme heat we may cancel afternoon bird presentations, often without much notice. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause your holiday but our birds wellbeing is our top priority. We can guarantee you don’t want to be sitting out in full sun for an hour in that heat either!

Catastrophic fire days: We may cancel presentations and close on catastrophic fire days so our staff can ensure they are tending to the animals in case of emergency circumstances.

If we need to cancel a presentation time we will announce this on our facebook page.

Is there food available for purchase?

We have limited food available on site. We have a small selection of sandwiches, chips, cookies, icecream and hot drinks every day.

The Tucker Box is no longer at Raptor Domain and is not available for food.

Food cannot be taken into the bird presentation, it must be consumed prior or put away for the duration of the show so the birds don’t steal it!

Can I walk around and look at the animals?

Raptor Domain is not a walk-around park, it is open for scheduled presentations only.

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park is located 25 minutes from us and is open 9.30am – 5.00pm every day if you want to walk around and see the animals at your own leisure.

Am I guaranteed to hold a bird during one of the daily presentations?

Our presenters try to include as many volunteers as they can throughout the presentation for bird and reptile interaction, however this is not a guarantee, particularly when it is busy and there are a large number of visitors.

To guarantee that you can hold a bird, you can book to hold an eagle or owl at the end of bird presentations. These are an additional cost but are a once in a lifetime experience.

Prams and accessibility

Some of our birds are scared of wheels, so prams and strollers cannot be taken down to the arena. These can be left in the shop, or in your vehicle for the duration of the presentation.

Wheelchairs, walkers and physical aids are welcome in the arena but must be kept still during the show.

Are there any discounts for locals?

We have annual passes available for locals and regular customers. Visit 3-4 times in the 12 month period to cover the cost of your annual pass.

Can I handle the animals if I have a severe nut allergy?

Some of our birds eat nuts (particularly almonds) and therefore we cannot guarantee our premises is nut-free. Our staff handle nuts as well as the bird gloves, reptiles and access all parts of the Raptor Domain.

Although we strive to ensure no cross-contamination we do have nuts present on site and cannot guarantee traces of nuts will not be found throughout our site, particularly at the bird arena and presentations.

If you have a severe nut allergy and wish to see the bird presentation please inform our staff prior to entry and discuss the safest way for you to visit our presentations.

Can I bring my pet or companion animal with me?

No. Due to the nature of the presentations we cannot have any animals at the arena or disrupting the animals.

The only outside animals that can be brought on site is rescued wildlife that is being surrendered.