“Fang-Tastic" Venom/Reptile Show

Daily at 1:00pm

Join us for this amazing look into Australian reptiles, Venom, and the creatures that use it. Here you will be able to get up close and personal in a safe environment with some of Australia’s most venomous critters and meet the world’s most deadly snake and the fourth most deadly, found right here on Kangaroo Island. Learn about our amazing Aussie scorpions, spiders and much more.

Also Enjoy an interactive hands on and educational experience with our friendly lizards and snakes. Learn some interesting facts about our reptiles here in Australia. This show offers a great opportunity to get up close and personal and have the chance to handle some of Australia’s most loved and miss understood reptiles. Interaction is welcome and nothing is forced on to anyone. Many visitors have overcome their phobias of snakes by attending one of these shows.

Adults (17+) $20.00, Concession $18.00, Child (3-16) $12.00
Family (1ad, 2ch) $40.00, Family (2ad, 1ch) $50.00
Additional children with a family $10.00

Why not join us for an ULTIMATE TWIN OFFER Both amazing shows.

Birds and “Fang-Tastic” Venom/Reptile.

Adults (17+) $40.00, Concession $35.00, Child (3-16) $25.00
Family (2ad, 1ch) $90.00, Family (1ad, 2ch) $110.00
Additional children with a family $15.00

Enjoy a delightful experience holding one of our friendly reptiles.

Absolutely “Fang-Tastic”

MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR CAMERA (Awesome photo opportunities).

Don't miss these amazing shows at Raptor Domain.

It's fun for the whole family.

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