Our History

Your Hosts and owners are Dave and Leeza Irwin

Dave Irwin is a qualified Zoo Keeper and has been involved with raptors from a very young age. He has years of experience in training and hand-raising and rehabilitating sick, orphaned and injured animals and birds of prey.

Whilst in the Northern Territory Dave managed and trained many raptors and conducted “Free-Flight” shows for the Territory Wildlife Park. He also set up, managed and provided the same service for the Alice Springs Desert Park.

Leeza has assisted Dave with the birds and has worked as a park guide at both the Territory Wildlife Park and the Alice Springs Desert Park.

Leeza has a sound knowledge of ecosystems and the environment and loves to share and pass on this information to students and the general public alike. Whilst at the Territory Wildlife Park Leeza set up and managed the Wild Vacation Care Adventures Program, which focused on educating children about wildlife and the environment.

After moving to South Australia, Dave and Leeza also set up and ran Birds of Prey displays for Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary, Adelaide Hills Wilderness Lodge, and Vivonne Bay Eco-Adventures. Now after presenting, running and setting up displays for many years for other organisations, Dave and Leeza have now purchased a 150 achres at the corner of Seal Bay and South Coast Rd on Kangaroo Island. This is where they have set up their amazing and popular Environmental Educational Birds of Prey Rehabilitation centre, Raptor Domain.

Dave and Leeza are now combining their skills and experience at their Kangaroo Island attraction to provide a service to Schools, Corporate bodies and the General public, with their beautiful, educational, interactive and spectacular presentations. Their aim is to give people a rare and unique opportunity to view and experience wildlife up close and personal, while creating an understanding and appreciation of them and their role in the environment.

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