Meet our Birds

Most of the birds in our presentations here at Raptor Domain have been injured or orphaned and are not suitable for release. They are now amazing ambassadors for their species. Every day these beautiful birds enjoy showing people their hunting techniques and natural behaviours.
We try to get as many rescued birds back into the wild, but unfortunately this is not always possible.

Meet the stars of our shows

Jedda - Wedge-tailed Eagle 1

Jedda has been with Dave since 1992. She was orphaned when she first came to the Territory Wildlife Park where Dave was working at the Birds of Prey section.

Jedda and Dave have been together ever since. When Dave left the TWP Jedda had to go too, as no-one else could handle her. All attempts to release Jedda failed because Jedda didn’t want to leave Dave.

Tilka - Wedge-tailed Eagle 2

Tilka a juvenile Wedge-tailed Eagle was rescued near Broken Hill by the local wildlife rescue group RANA. She was heat stressed, dehydrated and near death. Tilka has recovered nicely and now flies in our displays, and just like all the other birds here at Raptor Domain is a wonderful ambassador for her species.

Boo – Boobook Owl 3

Boo is a rescue and was hand raised by a little girl in Sydney. Boo had to find a new home so was sent to Raptor Domain. This little owl loves nothing more than getting a cuddle from children on display.

Casper -Barn Owl 4

Casper the friendly Barn Owl has won the hearts of many people from around the world. Casper likes to sit on your knee and enjoys a friendly pat.

Ellie - Barking Owl 5

Ellie is a female Barking Owl that was aviary bred. She came to us from Western Australia as a chick.

Ellie has big beautiful yellow eyes and is the face of the ( I Only Have Eyes For You ) souvenir line, which can now be purchased from Raptor Domain's souvenir Shop.

Banjo and Clancy - Laughing Kookaburras 6

Banjo and Clancy came to us from the Adelaide Zoo just two days out of the egg. They were tiny and featherless when they arrived at Raptor Domain. Leeza hand-raised them, even setting her alarm clock for 2 O’clock in the morning to ensure they were OK for the first few weeks. Banjo and Clancy were first thought to be boys but after their first malt it became obvious they were both girls. The brown feathers at the base of the tail did not turn blue as is with males.
Banjo and Clancy are a Children’s Favourite.

Mike and Mal -Blue-wing Kookaburras 7

Mike and Mal are Blue Winged Kookaburra's, which is a species of Kingfisher found across Northern Australia.

These two characters are also a favourite with children and will fly to visitors making for a great photo opportunity.

Chipps –Kestrel 8

Chipps is a Kestrel and was orphaned in 2006. Since then he has been a regular part of Raptor Domain's presentations. Chipps amazes and delights people with his hovering, speed and agility. The children love to put on a glove and have him fly to them, providing a great photo opportunity.

Slim – Black-breasted Buzzard 9

Slim was bred in captivity from the only captive breeding pair in the world.

Slim loves to show people on display what he does with an Emu egg.

Come and see why he is one of our most popular display birds.

Hobbit - Hobby Falcon 10

Hobbit is a Hobby falcon which sustained injuries to her wing after flying into a power line when she was young and in-experienced. Unfortunately for hobbit her wing never healed enough for her to be returned to the wild. Fortunately she was rescued in South Australia. In most other states if a bird can't be returned back to the wild they are euthanized. Hobbit flies each day in Raptor Domain's displays. She is the most gentle, smart and sweetest bird in our whole collection

Kylie - Hobby Falcon 11

Join us at one of our displays and watch how swift and aerobatic these wonderful little raptors are. Kylie came to us as an injured juvenile in 2013. She now enjoys flying on display and educating thousands of people about her species.

Omen – Sooty Owl 13

This owl was bred in captivity and was hand-raised here at Raptor Domain.

Omen is an amazing looking owl and is a wonderful addition to our presentations.

People love the opportunity to get up close and personal to such a rarely seen bird.

Wally - Tawny Frogmouth 12

Wally is a Tawny Frogmouth, and was rescued after falling from his nest as a chick.Frogmouths are masters of camouflage. Wally's cryptic plumage allows him to sit in full view of the visitors at the show without them seeing him.

Join us at one of our presentations and enjoy the where’s Wally experience.

Maraki – White–bellied Sea-Eagle 15

This majestic bird was confiscated by Parks and Wildlife in the Northern Territory.

Unfortunately he was found in a cage not much bigger than himself where he spent 4 years of his life. He will never be able to be released as he was taken as a chick and has had no parental tuition. Maraki enjoys flying free in our daily free flight displays and is a great ambassador for his species which is now endangered here in South Australia.

Matilda – Masked Owl 14

Matilda is a dark morph Masked Owl. She was bred in captivity at the Featherdale Wildlife Park. Weighing in at 900 grams she is the heaviest and largest of our owls.

NELLY - Wedge-tailed-Eagle Aquila audax

Hi, my name is NELLY, I am a juvenile female Wedge-tailed Eagle. I came to Raptor Domain here on Kangaroo Island, when I was just 3 weeks old. I was rescued by Parks and Wildlife in the Northern Territory from people who took me away from my parents when I was just 2 weeks old. No one wanted to look after me so I was going to be euthanized. Lucky for me, Raptor Domain said they would give me a home. I can never be released, as I have no parental tuition.

I am now a great ambassador for my kind. People have been paying a small fee since I was 22 weeks old to put on a glove and hold me for a photo and together we have almost raised enough money to build a large aviary for me. You can hold me at the end of each birds of prey show at 11:30 and 2:30. Next I am going to help raise money for some more rehabilitation aviaries. SEE YOU AFTER THE SHOW. From hatching to 12 weeks of age, Wedge-tailed Eagles are fully grown. AMAZING!!!!!!

" Raptor Domain on Kangaroo Island is an Environmental, Educational Rehabilitation Centre. Here we do not display wildlife in cages, we presents wildlife in unique, interactive, educational, entertaining and dynamic presentations. These presentations are delivered by professional handlers at special times at specially designed areas. Our aim is to give people a rare and unique opportunity to view and experience wildlife up close and personal, while creating an understanding and appreciation of them, and their roll in the environment. "

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