In The Media & News

Here is a small selection of stories about our birds and Dave from newspapers over the years.Click on each story to read them.Totally Wild TV show, and There's Nothing Like Australia have also been to Raptor Domain for filming commitments.We also have some wallpapers for your computer from some of Maxwells shots of our birds

Abbey - Barking Owl

Jedda - Wedgetail Eagle

Raptor Ranger Yordi with Totally Wild host Tess Franke when Totally Wild filmed at Raptor Domain.

Banjo - Laughing Kookaburra

Dick Smith offically opened the new Raptor Domain facilities on September 25th 2010.

Abbey in Australian Photography May 2010.

Totally Wild filmed at Raptor Domain recently. Program should be be airing soon.

Raptor Domain in the press.

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