About Us

Raptor Domain is an Environmental, Educational, Rehabilitation Centre and is located at Seal Bay on a beautiful 150 acre property. Officially opened by Dick Smith on the 25th September 2010.

Here at the Centre we have many orphaned, injured and sick Birds of Prey come into our care each year. Unfortunately not all birds are able to go back to the wild so we use them as ambassadors for their kind, to create awareness and appreciation. Some of our birds have been bred in captivity and are quite rare, like the White Goshawk, Black-breasted buzzard and the Sooty owl.

We have other presentations available to help enhance the public’s experience. All presentations are educational, interactive, inspiring and fun. We do not train our animals to do circus tricks we train them to show the public their natural behavior on command in a natural environment.

This is a private business that relies on entry fees to sustain the rescue and rehabilitation programs in place.

Aims and objectives are :

To provide the best possible care for orphaned, sick and injured birds of prey.

To return as many recovered birds to the wild as possible.

To enhance public understanding and appreciation of wildlife and the environment through public programs, tours and educational displays.

To educate to create an awareness, create awareness to encourage interest, encourage interest to generate appreciation and to generate appreciation to promote the want to conserve and protect.

To deliver educational, interactive, inspiring and fun presentations that is suitable for all nationalities and ages.

ABOVE ALL, INSPIRE PEOPLE TO BE PROACTIVE and leave Raptor Domain with the intent to set by example and make a difference.

REMEMBER Species – Habitat = Extinction this includes us.

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